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california department of social services (CDSS)

Project Objectives:

Applied Office was brought to CDSS by Training Director Carol Smith following a department-wide rollout of an upgraded version of Microsoft Outlook.  CDSS wished to improve its employees' knowledge of this program vital to electronic communications within the department.  Objectives for this project included:


A variety of lecture-based classes were offered to the staff of CDSS between June 2006 and February 2007, empowering employees to register to the classes they felt they needed.  A sampling of classes included:

For all classes, attendees received materials created by Applied Office to be used for future reference, and were invited to email or call the instructor if they had further questions.


"You're a pleasure to work with.  I've heard lots of good feedback from the attendees."

Dennis Smith, CDSS Trainer

Representatives from CDSS, from the training coordinators to actual participants, have consistently praised Applied Office's services.  Comments referred to Applied Office's professionalism, flexibility, software knowledge, and helpful materials. 

The success of this series of classes has led to additional classes being scheduled for additional Microsoft Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Since June 2006, Applied Office has provided 34 hours of On-Site Training.

In October 2007, Applied Office was selected to provide hands-on training to all CDSS PCA (Help Desk) employees for the launch of Office 2007.