Lodi Youth Commission

Lodi Youth Commission

Lodi Youth Commission 125 S. Hutchins St
Lodi, CA 95240

209-333-6800 x2424

About LYC

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lodi Youth Commission is to affect positive growth in young adults through a variety of activities that will generate interest and participation within the greater Lodi area.

Program Goals

The Goals of the Lodi Youth Commission are to:

  • assist in developing the future leaders and supporters of the community
  • provide an opportunity for young adults to have fun, safe and social activities
  •  visibly and positively represent the young adults of the greater Lodi area
  • inform and involve young adults about the rewarding and challenging relationships between business and government
  • inspire and motivate young adults to achieve their greatest leadership potential and to serve their community
  • recognize young adults for their strong individual successes and personal achievements

The Youth Commission is comprised of nine young adults and seven adult advisors from the greater Lodi area community. The/ youth’s ages range from 13 to 19. The length of term for the youth commission members is two years and is three years for the adult advisor commission members. The City of Lodi Mayor appoints the commission members.


  • Emily Yamane
  • Simaron Dhillon
  • Josh Baumbach
  • Daniel Anaforian
  • Madison Litton


  • Andrew Moton
  • Miranda O'Mahony
  • Hayden Johnson
  • Chrissy Dodd


The Lodi Youth Commission is advised by Jennifer Winn. Email


In April of 1993, the Lodi City Council and the Lodi Unified School District approved the formation of the Greater Lodi Area Youth Commission.