Lodi Youth Commission

Lodi Youth Commission

Lodi Youth Commission 125 S. Hutchins St
Lodi, CA 95240

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Programs and Events

Upcoming Events

Pigskin Formal
November 17, 2012

Annual Events

Teen of the Month

A monthly award program to recognize and honor excellence and leadership in high school youth. The Teen of the Month is recognized in the Lodi News Sentinel.

Crush Dances

Held three times each school year (August, January, and May), these dances benefit the Lodi Youth Commission Scholarship program. Our scholarship program provides for one $1000 and two $500 scholarships. Review Our Dance Contract.

Crush Dance at Lodi Lake

The Lodi Youth Conference is sponsoring Crush Dance Event at Lodi Lake on August 26th from 8:00 - 11:00pm.  Tickets are $10 per person.  Learn more.

Lodi Youth Conference

The Lodi Youth Conference is a coordinated effort between the Lodi Youth Commission and the greater Lodi area high schools. The one-day event includes a keynote speaker, lunch and  workshops .

Fall Formal and Spring Fling

Formerly the “Pig Skin” & “Gingham”.  When the Women’s Club dropped these dances the City of Lodi permitted the LYC to continue to host these two events.

Other Events and Programs

Also coordinated by the LYC are Teen Lead, a Dodge Ball Tournament, and the Student Art Show.


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Presenting an Event to the Commission

  1. Presentation by individual or group made at a Commission Meeting during the Non-Agenda Items Section of the meeting.
    • Proposal made by individual or group.
    • Proposed financing—budget presented by individual or group.
    • Responsibilities of work to be completed by individual/group and by Commission. What is expectation of the commission?
  2. Group/individual asks to be put on monthly meeting agenda for the following month.
    • Once on the agenda for the next month’s meeting, commission will discuss program/event and then take a vote.
    • If commission votes yes to participate in an event/program, a commissioner must volunteer to chair and vice-chair the committee. An adult advisor must also volunteer to participate on the event/program.
    • If an adult advisor or commission members do not volunteer to participate in the event/program, then the vote to do the project is rescinded until an adult advisor and commission member comes forward to chair event.