Lodi Youth Commission

Lodi Youth Commission

Lodi Youth Commission 125 S. Hutchins St
Lodi, CA 95240

209-333-6800 x2424


The Greater Lodi Area Youth Commission is  funded by the City of Lodi.  We as a Commission are encouraged to generate revenue through the youth activities that we  plan and sponsor for the youth in the City of Lodi.  

Most of our events are a break-even venture.  We have proposed to the City of Lodi that we want pay our own way.  This is where you can help. 

Many of our events need contributions from individuals and companies that want to see safe and fun activities for  the youth of Lodi.  The City of Lodi can receive tax-deductible donations when checks are made out to the Lodi Youth Commission, or the Hutchins St. Square Foundation, a tax-exempt charitable organization, can also receive gifts earmarked for the LYC.  Thanks for your help!