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May 2006 : powerpoint 2


  creating a photo album

Whether you’re selling properties or bragging about the family vacation, nothing sends your message like a few great photos.

Fortunately, PowerPoint has an easy way to import your photos into a slideshow with minimal effort.

  1. Start a blank presentation and from the Insert menu, choose Picture, and New Photo Album.

  2. In the window (shown here), use the buttons to insert photos from your computer (File/Disk), your scanner, or digital camera. Once the picture is in, use the buttons under Preview to rotate or adjust contrast/brightness. You can also rearrange the order of your photos with the up/down buttons directly under the photo listing.

  3. When you’re done, hit Create and your new slideshow is ready. Press F5 to play! If you wish, you can make further adjustments using the standard PowerPoint features... or just save and close.

If you’re going to email or upload this to the web, be sure you “compress” your images or they’ll be too big to send. To find out how, go to PowerPoint’s help and type “reduce file size” and follow the directions.


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  quick reference card

Here's what the Photo Album dialog box looks like:

  quick reference card

Get the Quick Reference Card on Microsoft PowerPoint!  Download it for free and print it on your own printer.  You might even want to laminate it.