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September 2006 : excel


  shortcut keys!

Excel's mission in life is to help you organize and calculate data quickly, featuring formulas that update automatically and tools of brevity such as AutoFill, copying and pasting.

You can initiate most Excel actions multiple ways (by using the menu bar, toolbar buttons, or right-clicking to access a shortcut menu)... but don't overlook one of your fastest options: keystroke shortcuts!

While you can use keystroke shortcuts in all Microsoft Office programs, Excel's calculating nature lends itself to them especially well. Instead of alternating between typing, clicking and dragging, you can control your worksheets without leaving the keyboard.

Most keystroke shortcuts involve pressing the <Ctrl> key plus another key or two at the same time. The F (function) keys offer even more complex actions that you can perform with the press of a single key.

This article provides an overview of the many keystroke shortcuts and function keys available in Excel. Once you start using them, you may never bother to use a mouse again.




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<Ctrl> Key Shortcuts

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