applied tips : march 2007

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Here's another batch of useful tips and information for Microsoft Office and other programs that you're using on a daily basis.  Please let me know what you think and what you would like to see in a future issue.

And don't miss the mini-articles below, too!

introducing the vista corner

A new feature is coming to Applied Tips... the Vista corner!  Many of my readers have said that they're taken the plunge and upgraded to Windows Vista and/or Office 2007, so this corner is for you!

Next month I'll start off with a list of reasons why businesses should consider upgrading to Vista.  Send me your questions and I'll try my best to answer them in upcoming months!

daylight saving time notice

On March 11th, Daylight Saving Time (DST) will begin, three weeks sooner than in prior years.  Naturally, this throws off computer systems around the country and upgrades are required.

Without applying the necessary upgrades, your PC mobile device will be out-of-sync for three weeks, showing your Outlook appointments at the wrong time!

To get help updating your computers, Microsoft has created the DST Help and Support Center with a simple wizard designed to walk you through the upgrade process.

rss feed available

Subscribe to the RSS FeedApplied Office's website has gone RSS!  Available now are weekly articles and upcoming class announcements.  Add the Applied Tips and Announcements RSS to your RSS reader today.

No idea what RSS is?  With IE7 installed, headlines from your favorite websites can be delivered to you in a simple format that lets you scan the news and click on links that interest you.

Most major websites are now offering an RSS feed for their readers, as indicated by the RSS icon shown above.  Subscribe to the feed by clicking the RSS icon when using IE7.  Give it a try!

excel: understanding formulas workshop

Learn exactly how formulas work from the basics (simple arithmetic) to the complex (IF, financial formulas, etc). Time and date calculations, text manipulation, and handy formula tricks will also be covered. Watch how a time card is created that automatically calculates overtime, wage, and vacation accrual.

This class is at the Lodi Chamber of Commerce on March 7, at 12 noon.  Lunch is provided with your $37 ticket.  Details here


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-David Diskin