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applied tips : february 2008

in this issue...

After an all-too-long hiatus, Applied Tips are back with more tips, tricks, and in-depth articles that you've loved for the last two years.

Here's what I've put together for you in this issue: 

  • Outlook: Has your inbox taken over?  Learn how to find emails in a jiffy, and how to organize your inbox into folders and reclaim what was once a serene mailbox.  Read!
  • Word: Ever added a table to your document?  They're great for comparing lists, displaying numbers, and making forms.  This beginner's article makes it easy.  Read!
  • Excel: If your spreadsheet is getting a little big, or has data you don't want others to see, try hiding parts of it.  In excel, you can hide more than just a row or a column -- you can hide a single cell, a range, even a worksheet.  Read!
  • PowerPoint: Make your presentations even better with this three-part article on preparation, content, and delivery.  Written by David Diskin, it's an Applied Tips exclusive! Read!
  • PowerPoint: Want a quick way to make your slides look consistent and professional, even when adding tables and charts and graphics?  Build a year-in-review company slideshow in seconds using Auto-Layouts.  Read!
  • Access: The popular database application plays well with other data formats, including Excel and Fox Pro.  Learn a variety of ways to import data from all kinds of sources into your Access database.  Read!

I'd like to thank all of you who asked me where Applied Tips went and told me how much you look forward to reading it each month.  I admit I took a longer vacation than I intended, but now it's back on track.

I'd also like to welcome the hundreds of new subscribers from University of the Pacific, CalSTRS, and the California Department of Social Services. 

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-David Diskin