applied tips : march 2008

in this issue...

Welcome to a new issue of Applied Tips.  Here's what I've put together for you in this issue: 

  • Outlook: Looking for a quick way to identify emails from your boss or VIP client?  Automatic formatting can do the trick while adding a little flavor to your inbox!    Read!
  • Word: If you're trying to add more professionalism to your next research paper, placing captions underneath your tables and images is one easy way to do it  Learn about AutoCaptions and never struggle with a caption again.  Read!
  • Excel: Tired of doing the same task twice?  Learn how a macro can make your life easier; they're not as scary as you may think!  Read!
  • PowerPoint: Make your presentations even better with this three-part article on preparation, content, and delivery.  Written by David Diskin, it's an Applied Tips exclusive! Read!
  • PowerPoint: Slideshows often need to convey a complex idea like a work process, and what better way to do that than by creating a Flow Chart?  Learn how.  Read!
  • Access: Ever wish your forms and reports had totals on them?  Learn how to add a total to any form or report, even pulling data from other tables altogether.  Read!

training survey results

Last month I asked my central valley readers to take a few moments to complete a survey so I could help decide when and where to offer training classes.  I'd like to thank each and every person who responded! 

If you completed the survey I have given your Applied Office account a $25 credit which can be used towards any Applied Office service.  And,  let's congratulate Kat Waters of Gary Waters Management Consulting who has won a $50 gift card to the restaurant of her choice.  Way to go, Kat!

And the results of the survey?  They've helped me to decide what classes I'll be offering, how frequently, and how long.  I've also seen that the majority of you want hands-on classes and not just a demonstration.  My goal is to schedule some classes for the end of March, so stay tuned!

rss feed available

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upcoming classes?

I will soon be scheduling classes in Stockton and Lodi for you and your coworkers to attend.  But if you want me to come on-site and provide training at your office, learn more about how I can help and contact me to schedule a class.


Thanks for reading Applied Tips!  Be sure to forward the newsletter to anyone you think might enjoy reading, and please keep your feedback and questions coming.

-David Diskin