applied tips : april 2009

microsoft excel : handy new features in 2007

If you've made the upgrade to Excel 2007, here's a quick list of new features that you might not have noticed but are sure to be helpful.

Extended Formula Bar

The Formula Bar is the long white strip across the top where you write your formulas. In 2007, you can extend this area to give you more room for those long, hefty formulas you've been writing.

Click the downward chevron, on the far-right of the Formula Bar to extend the area down, resulting in this:


AutoComplete Functions and Named Ranges

While typing an expression, Excel will suggest names based on what you've typed (much in the same way Outlook suggests names while addressing an email).


You can use your arrow keys to move up and down through the list, and Excel will display a brief definition of the function. Named Ranges will appear in the list, too.

To select one, select it with your arrow keys and press Tab. Excel will even add the opening parenthesis for functions.

Quick Filter

Filter your list quickly by right-clicking a value (such as a Product Name) and choosing "Filter". Then choose to either:

Use the Filter pull-down menu at the top of your column to turn the filter off or apply a different set of criteria.

Not using Office 2007 yet? If you'd like to learn more, ask me and I'll be happy to show you more about 2007 and discuss training for your employees when you make the upgrade.

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