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applied tips : april 2009

Celebrating Four Years Four years, come and gone! Yeah! April 2009 marks the end of the fourth year of Applied Office, and I'm thrilled to announce this milestone with you, my faithful readers. For my annual recap, check out the year-in-numbers and find out what's in store for the next year.

I would also like to thank all of my recently new subscribers from Clark Pest Control, the Association of California Water Agencies, the California Department of Justice, Comcast, the Family Resource and Referral Center, Comfort Air, and CalSTRS.

I would also like to thank all of my ~3000 faithful readers, especially those of you who have sent feedback and suggestions, and forwarded the newsletter to your coworkers and friends.

And now, here's what I've written this month: 

  • Outlook: Learn how to work in multiple time zones and keep your appointments straight.  Read!
  • Word: The Spell Check feature has been exposed! Learn some shortcuts, options, and other ways to make use of this powerful feature. Read!
  • Excel: Switched to Excel 2007? Take a look at three quick, new features you're sure to love.  Read!
  • PowerPoint: Use the Speaker/Slide Notes feature to help keep your delivery on track.  Read!
  • Access: Get a grip on your Relationships with this in-depth article on how they work.  Read!

get linked in

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Are you tweeting? Get more from Applied Office for free, and start following AppliedTweets on your Twitter account. A new Microsoft Office 2007 tip is sent each Monday, and here's what you've been missing:

  • April 13: Split an Excel column of full names into two separate columns. Select the cells, choose Data, Text to Columns, and follow the wizard.

  • April 6: Translate your docs, for free, using Word's built-in service. Select some text, right-click, choose Translate. It's free in small chunks.

  • March 30: Control + A will Select All in nearly any application. In Excel, hit it once to select the local area, twice for the whole sheet.

  • March 23: Launch your PowerPoint slideshow right away: right-click the file, choose Show. Or, press F5 wile editing. Shift+F5 to show current slide.

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upcoming classes in Stockton

A new series of classes will soon be announced, held in Stockton, CA at University of the Pacific. The dates are set:

  • June 22 - 26
  • July 20 - 24

Mark the weeks on your calendars now and let me know what classes you would be interested in taking, and help shape the Summer 2009 offering!

As always, secular non-profit organizations and employees of University of the Pacific enjoy free admission.


Thanks for reading Applied Tips!  Be sure to forward the newsletter to anyone you think might enjoy reading it, and please keep your feedback and questions coming.

-David Diskin