applied tips : april 2009

microsoft powerpoint : using slide/speaker notes

PowerPoint allows you to add notes to each slide in your presentation.  These notes can be used to help the speaker or slideshow author stay organized. 

Notes are typically not displayed on the screen when the slideshow is run, and therefore the audience does not see them.  They are also not included with Handouts.

They can, however, be printed out as Speaker Notes for the presenter or displayed on a secondary display (such as a laptop) for the presenter in what is called Presenter View.

As examples, your notes can contain:

To add or edit a slide’s note, simply type in the large area underneath the slide that says “Click to add notes”.  This area can be resized by dragging the pane.

Printing Speaker Notes

While in Print Preview, pull down the “Print What” menu and choose “Notes Pages”. Each slide will print on its own page, with the slide display on the upper-half, and the slide notes on the lower half. 

PowerPoint will shrink the notes to fit if necessary.

Displaying Notes on Screen

In PowerPoint 2003, you could display your Speaker Notes on the screen (letting your audience see them as well). To do this, right-click anywhere during a full-screen presentation and choose Screen, then Speaker Notes. A window will appear with your speaker notes, and you can edit the notes directly in this window.

In PowerPoint 2007, this feature has been removed in favor of the new-and-improved Presenter View. For more information about this feature (in PowerPoint 2003 and 2007), check out this past article on Presenter View.

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