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applied tips : january 2009

I hope you, your family, and your coworkers enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to make 2009 the best year ever.  What better way to start things off than improving your skills with Microsoft Office?

Here's what I've put together for you in the first issue of 2009: 

  • Outlook: Send emails with follow-up flags to make sure they don't slip through the cracks.  Read!
  • Word: Creating a huge document? Do it the right way and create an automatic Table of Contents. Read!
  • Excel: Learn how to create hyperlinks that can link to other sheets, workbooks, or documents of any type.  Read!
  • PowerPoint: Make better use of that laptop at your next presentation using Presenter's View and you'll be able to see to your notes and upcoming slides without giving the audience a peek.  Read!
  • Access: Setting up a new database or expanding your current one? Learn the right steps to take before getting in over your head.  Read!

classes in stockton - THIS WEEK

There are still some seats left in the Winter series of Applied Office classes at University of the Pacific, in Stockton, CA:

Date Class Location Cost   Difficulty
Jan 8 (Thu) 8:30 Word 2003 - Beginners Only U of Pacific $65 $185 All Day
Jan 8 (Thu) 10:15 Word 2003 - Intermediate Formatting U of Pacific $65
Jan 8 (Thu) 1:15 Word 2003 - Styles and Table of Contents U of Pacific $65
Jan 8 (Thu) 3:00 Word 2003 - Creating Forms with Tables U of Pacific $65
Date Class Location Cost   Difficulty
Jan 9 (Fri) 8:30 Excel 2003 - Beginners Only U of Pacific $65 $185 All Day
Jan 9 (Fri) 10:45 Excel 2003 - Formula Basics U of Pacific $45
Jan 9 (Fri) 1:15 Excel 2003 - Formulas Intermediate U of Pacific $95
Jan 9 (Fri) 4:00 Excel 2003 - Pivot Tables U of Pacific $45

For more information or to register, please visit Upcoming Classes.

If you're a Pacific employee, visit my Pacific homepage for details on upcoming classes.

do you tweet?

Attention Twitterusers!  You can follow Applied Tweets for weekly tips on Microsoft Office each Monday.  Here's some of the tweets you may have missed:

  • In Outlook, jump straight to any day. Ctrl+2 for the calendar, then Ctrl-G and type a date.

  • Need more screen space in Office 2007? Double-click any tab on the Ribbon to minimize it. Double-click again to restore.

  • A faster way to maximize your current window: Alt+Space, then X. Or use N to Minimize, or R to Restore. Alt+F4 will close the app.

  • Data entry in Access? Control+Plus creates a new record, Control+Minus to delete, Control+Semicolon for today's date. Esc to undo.

Not a part of the Twitter community?  Get started - it's free!

new year's resolutions

One of our favorite New Year traditions is coming up with resolutions that we never intend to keep, right?

Here's a resolution to try out:  Improve your technology! Discover how much easier, and more enjoyable, next-gen technologies can make your life. From phones that do more to , check out these links to Amazon.Com for a New Year's resolution that's going to make you very happy.

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2007 Step by Step

* All prices are approximate and subject to change. Click a product link for more details.

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-David Diskin