applied tips : january 2009

microsoft powerpoint : using presenter view

When we deliver a presentation to an audience, we often position our laptop to that it faces us. This allows us to see the current slide without turning our backs to the audience. It's a recommended technique when public speaking, but with PowerPoint we can go one step further.

Presenter View, shown below, has been available in PowerPoint for quite some time and keeps getting better.


Depending on your version of PowerPoint, it offers us the following features:

Enabling Presenter View 

For users of PowerPoint 2007, click to the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon and check the box labeled "Use Presenter View".

For users of older versions of PowerPoint, pull down the Slide Show menu and choose "Set up Show".  Then check the box that says "Show Presenter View".

Using Presenter View

Using the view is fairly straightforward. You can click on any thumbnail to jump straight to that slide. Use the wheel on your mouse to scroll through the slides quickly.

In Outlook 2007, you can also change the size at which your Speaker Notes are displayed using the Zoom + and - buttons located underneath the notes.

All of the keyboard shortcuts that work in Presentation Mode also work in Presenter Mode, such as keys for advancing slides, blacking the screen, jumping to specific slides, or cancelling the presentation.

To use the Annotation (pen) feature of PowerPoint while in Presentation Mode, you will need to move your mouse pointer to the other display. This is usually accomplished by sliding your mouse to the far left or right of your display, past the "edge" and over to the next display.

Technical Limitations

Note that not every laptop or PC can use Presenter View. Your system must meet these requirements:

  1. A video card capable of supporting a second display
  2. A second display must be connected, such as a projector or second monitor
  3. Your operating system (Windows XP, Vista, etc) must "see" the second display

If you try to follow the directions above to enable Presenter View, and options are not available or give you error messages, then your system is most likely not capable or needs a setting changed. For further assistance, check with your computer manufacturer, retailer, or network administrator. 

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